2017 DATES

27th / 28th January - Scarborough Comedy Gala (PERTH)
3rd February - Gelo Comedy Gala (PERTH)
4th February - Fremantle Comedy Gala @ Town Hall (PERTH)

Perth FRINGE 2017, solo show "adultHOOD"
February 7th - 18th 2017 (12 shows) @ Noodle Palace

18th Feburary - (MC) Hyper Fest Music Festival Mainstage (PERTH)
28th February - Macquarie University Comedy Gala (SYDNEY)
6th March - Manly Comedy (SYDNEY)
8th March - Oakley Comedy (SYDNEY)
10th March - Happy Endings Comedy Club (SYDNEY)

16th March - (MC) WA Raw Comedy State Final (PERTH)
17th March - (MC) Lazy Susan's Comedy Club (PERTH)
18th March - (MC) Comedy Lounge Little Creatures (PERTH)

21st March - (Headline) NSW Raw Comedy Final (Comedy Store)

Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017, solo show "adultHOOD"
March 29th - April 22nd 2017 (22 shows) @ Forum Theatre

22nd March - The Comics Lounge (MELB)
23rd March - The Comics Lounge (MELB)
24th March - The Comics Lounge (MELB)
25th March - The Comics Lounge (MELB)
27th March - Spleen Comedy Club (MELB)
30th March - Swinburne University Comedy Gala (MELB)
4th April - Catfish Comedy Club (MELB)
17th April - Justin Hamilton and Adam Richard's "The Shelf"
18th April - (MC) Lucky Coq Comedy Club
20th April - Festival Club Late Night Show (MELB)

Sydney Comedy Festival 2017, solo show "adultHOOD"
May 13th-14th 2017 (2 shows) @ Enmore Theatre

25th April - Cracker Night @ Concourse Theatre (SYD)
9th May - (Headline) Freshwater Comedy Club
19th May - BreakOut Comedy Showcase @ Town Hall (SYD)

4th June - (MC) World Bar Comedy Club (SYD)
10th June - Woolongong Comedy Club (SYD)
15th June - Mic In Hand (SYD)
30th June - Newcastle Comedy Club (SYD)

6th July - Comedy Lounge (PERTH)
7th July - Lazy Susans Comedy Club (PERTH)
8th July - Comedy Lounge (PERTH)

3rd August - Mic In Hand (SYDNEY)
4th August - Happy Endings Comedy Club (SYDNEY)
5th August - Happy Endings Comedy Club (SYDNEY) 
10th - 13th August - Sydney Comedy Festival Roadshow (SYDNEY)
14th August - (MC) Rhino Room (ADELAIDE)
16th August - (MC) Marion Comedy Club with Akmal (ADELAIDE)
17th August - Glengl Comedy Club with Akmal (ADELAIDE)
18th August - (MC) Rhino Room with Akmal (ADELAIDE)
19th August - Private Function (ADELAIDE)
21st August - (MC) Based Comedy Club (GOLD COAST)
22nd August -(MC) Based Comedy Club (GOLD COAST)
23rd August - (MC) Based Comedy Club (GOLD COAST)
24th August - (MC) Based Comedy Club (GOLD COAST)
25th August - (MC) Based Comedy Club (GOLD COAST)
28th August - (MC) Coogee Comedy Club (SYDNEY)
29th August - Enmore Comedy Club (SYDNEY)
31st August - Comedy Store (SYDNEY)

1st September - Comedy Store (SYDNEY)
2nd September - Comedy Store (SYDNEY)
6th - 10th September - Sydney Comedy Festival Roadshow (SYDNEY)
15th September - (MC) Lazy Susan's Comedy Club (PERTH)
19th September - Shapiros Comedy Club (PERTH)
20th September - (Headline) Carwash Comedy Club (PERTH)
21st September - Comedy Lounge (PERTH)
22nd September - Lazy Susan's Comedy Club (PERTH)
23rd September - Comedy Lounge (PERTH) 
26th September - Shapiros Comedy Club (PERTH)
28th September - Comedy Lounge (PERTH)
30th September - Comedy Lounge (PERTH)

1st October - Comedy Shack (PERTH)
5th October - Mic In Hand (SYDNEY)
9th October - (MC) Manly Comedy Club (SYDNEY)
11th October - (MC) Oakley Comedy Club (SYDNEY)
18th October - (MC) Dirty Thunder Comedy Club (SYDNEY)
28th October - Sydney Comedy Club (SYDNEY)
31st October - (MC) Laugh Stand Comedy Club (SYDNEY)

3rd November - (MC) Lazy Susan's Comedy Club (PERTH)
4th November - Melanoma Ball (PERTH)
7th November - The Comics Lounge (MELBOURNE)
8th November - The Comics Lounge (MELBOURNE)
9th November - The Comics Lounge (MELBOURNE)
10th November - The Comics Lounge (MELBOURNE)
13th November - Comedy Lounge (SYDNEY)
15th November - Hayden Orphenuem Theatre (SYDNEY)
16th November - Comedy Store (SYDNEY)
17th November - Comedy Store (SYDNEY)
18th November - Comedy Store (SYDNEY)